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I would like to welcome fellow wildlife enthusiasts and newcomers alike!  That being said, it is almost more important to show my appreciation to those that are new to this kind of thing.  Unfortunately, too many people go on about their daily business totally oblivious to the wildlife around them.  Sure, they will stop to appreciate the birds from time to time, but there is so much more that nature offers us, even if you're in an urban area.


Unfortunately it seems that wildlife and nature enthusiasts have gotten a bad rap over the years.  It seems as though the general consensus is that nature lovers are either middle aged retired folks that have nothing better to do, or they are extremist demonstrators that would trade the life of a human for that of a tree.  Fact is, people from one extreme to the other and everywhere in between enjoy nature.  I break that stereotype mold myself. 


This website isn't just a resource for people to learn how to cultivate their own backyard habitats, but it is home to a community that can share their successes and failures alike.  Creating the ultimate backyard environment is a never ending pursuit.  Even if you achieve your goals, there is always something else you'd like to do!  And one of those things is usually to share your experiences with nature with other friendly folks.


Come in and enjoy the many things we have to offer!






I have recently decided to shift the focus of this website to one that is more inclusive with nature.  It's previous direction was one that was focused on the control of invasive species.  While native songbird management was my main focus, the presentation came across as more of an all-out heartless assault on house sparrows and that presented a poor image to the public.  While invasive species control will still be a huge part of this site, it will not be the main focus. 


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