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 The Great Raccoon Trap Miscalculation!

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VS Ryan

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PostSubject: The Great Raccoon Trap Miscalculation!   Tue Apr 12, 2011 6:14 pm

So I placed a coon sized box trap in my front yard and set it with bread as bait. I didn't think a sparrow could trigger the trap so I suspended a tape measure over the trigger pan with fishing line and ran it through my front window then tied it to a chair. All I had to do was cut the line and the trigger was sprung, surely to trap some little nasties.

My ultimate goal was to selectively trap males to give to some folks around here to use as decoys to get their spring trapping under way, but I was outsmarted again. Everything went just as expected- they grabbed the bread close to the side of the cage before they were comfortable to move in on the bread on the inside. To get to the bread on the inside though, they simply squeezed through the wire on the side of the cage and flew out the door. The spaces in the wire were a couple inches long and only just slightly taller than the width of my index finger. I'll post some pictures when the wife brings my camera back.

This wasn't a total bust though, at least I now know they can get through any hole as tall as the width of my finger! That can actually come in handy in the field!
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The Great Raccoon Trap Miscalculation!
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