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 Forum Rules

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VS Ryan

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sun Feb 07, 2010 4:59 pm

The rules for this forum are simple, please abide by them so as we can continue to enjoy this site.

1. Please do not discuss any sort of animal abuse. This is a site dedicated to controlling invasive species in order to promote the sustainment of our native birds, animal abuse is unacceptable and will be reported to the authorities.

2. No racism.

3. No pornography.

4. Do not discuss any sort of illegal activity.

5. Please be respectful of other members. If you have an issue with someone else on this forum please let me know and I will mediate if necessary. We are all in this together.

6. No animal rights protesting. Even though we strive to improve our native wildlife populations the animal rights people will usually not get it. That being said, if there is any protesting on this site you will be banned. Intelligent conversation about the legitimacy of our efforts is welcome, however.

A ban may take place for breaking any one of these rules, and as a guest to a private website you have no right to remain here once you have been asked to leave. If you attempt to return on diferent computers or different screen names I will place an IP ban on you and I will report your IP address to your provider which will often result in the suspension of your service.

That being said, it is rare to have any of these problems. I hope you enjoy your time with us and good luck with the fight against sparrows!
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Forum Rules
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